Unlock the Power of Secure Blockchain Transactions

Ēnosys pioneers research and development in blockchain technology, offering a suite of innovative products for seamless access to various applications across multiple chains. From the Flare Network to a multi-chain landscape, we empower blockchain communities worldwide.

Seamless Decentralized Transactions

Providing a gate to seamless and easy usage of blockchain services for all decentralized transactions.

Seamless Decentralized Transactions

Embracing Privacy & Self-Custody

A world where the advantages of blockchain technology are at the fingertips of everyone valuing the freedom that is given by decentralization, privacy and self-custody.

Embracing Privacy & Self-Custody


A team of academically focused scientists and engineers. Their primary objective is to help the core team develop, test, audit, and release the four remaining protocols.


Testing is an art here. Each release is preceded by testing in 11 environments.


Both audits and the code are publicly available and we interact with the community responding to questions when communication is pivotal.


Whether on Discord or in person, our team actively seeks out one-to-one conversations for feedback and input as part of all of our activities.

Experimental Finance

Currently, Ēnosys runs the Experimental Finance platform on the Songbird Canary Network. The Experimental Finance platform is the largest, most active platform on the Songbird Network and will persist as our live market testing platform for new developments.

Experimental Finance

Live Products

DeFi Suite

The Ēnosys DeFi Suite features four interconnected protocols, delivering on-chain utility via an AMM, liquidity provision/yield farming, secured lending, and a blockchain bridge to address users' core needs.


Swap currencies and earn rewards by providing liquidity for on-chain trading while taking advantage of L1 rewards.

Read MoreOpen DEX


Collateralized lending platform

Read MoreOpen Loans


Non-custodial yield farming and token launchpad with integrated L1 rewards.

Read MoreOpen Farms


Cross-chain asset bridge, allowing liquidity and fees to move between diverse blockchains.

Read MoreOpen Bridge

NFT Suite

The Ēnosys NFT Suite consists of an NFT Gallery with both a curated and secondary marketplace, and a set of unique NFT related protocols - the first of which are the Ermis and Clover protocols.


Digital Art Marketplace and Auction House

Read MoreOpen Gallery


On-chain redemption protocol

Read MoreOpen Ermis


Fair distribution protocol

Read MoreOpen Clover


Ēnosys runs a set of infrastructure products which grant access to more robust data and security tools for our users.


Blockchain Indexing and Analysis

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Coming Soon

DeFi Oracles

Songbird & Flare Network Infrastructure Provider

Read MoreOpen DeFi Oracles


Multi-Signature self custody vaults.

Read MoreOpen Oryy

APYCloud: The Key to Sustainable DeFi Ecosystem Growth and Stability

APYCloud fosters sustainability by connecting all products within a broader ecosystem and collecting fees while rewarding long-term holders who participate in ecosystem governance.



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